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Experiencing a Sewer Backup?

Sewer BackupIf so, please contact the District at 847-658-5122 (24 hours a day) before you call a plumber. District personnel will be dispatched within the hour to assess the situation. Sometimes the blockage may be in the sewer main and the dispatched personnel will work quickly to clear the blockage and open the main. If it is determined that the blockage is not in the main a plumber should be called immediately to asses the current condition of your private sewer service from your house to the main. If the blockage is located within your private service all repairs, roddings and restorations are the responsibility of the homeowner. 

**Although NO Permit is Required for any repair work an INSPECTION IS REQUIRED prior to backfilling the repair area. Please contact us at: 847-658-5122 to schedule your inspection prior to backfilling.**


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