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Announcements, News, Public Notices and Safety Tips from the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District


2023/4 Seawall Project: Many, many years ago, sewer lines were installed along Woods Creek Lake.  Unfortunately, natural erosion has exposed some of our structures and we need to do something about it. 

In order to protect what is there and prevent anything from getting worse, we will be installing a seawall along a small portion on the south side of the lake. Construction should start early 2024. 

Seawall Map

2023 Sewer Lining Project Information: The Lake in the Hills Sanitary District has teamed up with National Power Rodding to start a sewer lining project. Full Information here

Before and After


LITHSD's ongoing effort to make our space more naturally beautiful: Click on the picture below to check out our current plan for our upcoming Crystal Creek Restoration project. Also check out the letter of support for the project from the Fox River Ecosystem Partnership which is linked here.

Crystal Creek Restoration

LITHSD is going GREEN with Wildflowers: Learn how we are reducing our carbon footprint by growing instead of mowing. View our 2022 Wildflower Prairie Plan to learn more. (Updated 7.18.23) Check out some of the recent pictures from this year's blooms.

23 Wildflower Banner

The 2022 Strategic Energy Management Numbers are in... and they look good! See for yourself!

SEM 2023

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Michael G. Nelson for becoming the 2022 Fox Valley Operators Association Operator of the Year! Michael received this award for fine tuning an out of date process which in turn, continues to save the District thousands of dollars in operational cost.

LITHSD is on track to save even more in 2022: View the linked projection sheet to view the savings the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District earned from it's reduced 2022 power usage.

New Metrocloud SCADA highlighted by Metropolitan Industries : Recent upgrades to our SCADA system have been highlighted in the Metropolitan Industries Currents News Letter. Read the full article here.

New Signs, No Worries: Learn about the Native Flowers planted as part of our native restoration project.

New Payment System is Here!: Check out our new online Paya Payment System.

LITHSD + ComEd = Big Savings in 2021: Learn how we saved BIG when we partnered up with ComEd to reduce our energy use via the linked press release.

NPDES Permit

NPDES Permit 052022



To continue to provide great service year after year our infrastructure and facilities routinely require updating. These updates/projects creates great opportunities for local contractors. Here you will find the most up to date information regarding our current projects out for bid.  

Back Up Time!!

Spring and summer are the seasons that sewer backups are most common. You can prevent backups by following these suggestions:

*If you are on a wooded lot, make sure that the tree roots are not causing a problem by regularly flushing your system with a root destroyer. These are available at most hardware stores. Read the contents carefully to make sure that your plumbing fixtures will not be damaged.

*Flush only appropriate items! Excessive grease will cause blockages. Solid items could cause blockages and damage your equipment. Solid items would also damage the Sanitary District equipment.

*If you are in a low area you could install a drain plug in the floor drain. This prevents a backup and you simply remove it when you need the drain. These are available at most hardware stores.

**The property owner is responsible for blockages, cracks, or other problems in the line from the sewer main to their home. This is the area that most problems occur. Sewer/Water Backup insurance provides protection from the damage caused by the backup. Most homeowner policies provide this coverage ONLY through an additional endorsement. Check with your insurance agent to make sure that you have this coverage. We highly recommend this coverage!**

Hopefully these tips are helpful. If you have any questions, please call the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District office at 847-658-5122.