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Trustees, Staff and Consultants

Eric Hansen - President/Trustee    ehansen@lithsd.com

Jessica Reed - Trustee    jreed@lithsd.com

Cheryl Kehoe - Trustee    ckehoe@lithsd.com

Tamara Mueller - District Manager & FOIA Officer    tmueller@lithsd.com 

Michael G. Nelson - Assistant District Manager     mnelson@lithsd.com

Karen Thompson - District Treasurer/Clerk    kthompson@lithsd.com

John E. Caccamo - Maintenance Supervisor    jcaccamo@lithsd.com

Rene Rodriguez - Maintenance Technician    rrodriguez@lithsd.com  

James F. Olvera - Utility Systems Manager    jolvera@lithsd.com

Jennifer L. Olson - Laboratory Technician    jolson@lithsd.com

Jerilyn Stahlberg - Office Administrator    jstahlberg@lithsd.com

Jessica Maioni - Administrative Assistant    jmaioni@lithsd.com

Applied Technologies, Inc. - Engineers

George Roach & Associates - Auditors

Law Offices of Storino, Ramello & Durkin - Legal Counsel